• Browsing anonymously without Google or other sites identifying you
  • Accessing online banking and other confidential information
  • Editing sales presentations, customer contact info and other sensitive data
  • Working on friend's laptops, public kiosks, hotel computers and more

When to use SVD:

  • On public computers or kiosks
  • In hotel business centers
  • On friends' machines
  • On shared home computers
  • On personal laptops when working remotely or accessing sensitive data

What to use SVD for:

  • Checking bank records
  • Viewing sales forecasts
  • Viewing customer details
  • Browsing anonymously to Google
  • Securely accessing corporate networks remotely
  • Downloading, editing and
    re-uploading confidential files

Use SVD to prevent leaks of sensitive data:

Whenever you use a computer, whether it is your home laptop, a friend's machine, or a public terminal at the airport, library or an internet cafe, many traces of your activity are left behind without you being aware. Even an advanced and competent computer user is likely to leave some evidence of data that could be viewed by the next user of the machine. Secure Virtual Desktop provides you with a safe environment for accessing sensitive or confidential data. You can download and edit files, create new files, and edit existing files, and all changes will be erased when you exit the secure SVD session.

Use SVD to browse privately and anonymously:

Many records of your activities on the web are stored on your computer and by the sites you visit, both to increase your browsing speed and to deliver relevant content. When you want to remain anonymous, or when accessing sensitive information, use SVD to ensure that these records of your activities aren't saved. Using a proxy, SVD masks your IP address so that your activities aren't associated with your true identity (as long as you remain logged out of sites like Google). In addition, cookies, browsing history, and additional browser records will be cleared from your computer when you exit SVD.

Use SVD for accessing corporate SaaS and CRM systems:

Corporate data stored on web applications is available to employees on any device anywhere. While employees can use the demo on this site to securely access data remotely, the implemented settings and session time limit may not allow optimal productivity. Beyond the demo available on this site, SVD can be licensed to create customized solutions for accessing sensitive data. Administrators will be able to control settings such as which applications are allowed to run in the isolated environment, which capabilities are disabled within the session, and whether encryption or proxies are configured - as well as many other settings.

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